Designed to transition organizations from traditional fax machines to fax server solution, Solgenia Weblive Facsys has helped thousands of organizations increase efficiency while maintaining compliant with their industry standards.

Solgenia, the leader in fax over IP (FoIP) technology, has now revolutionized unified communications by incorporating fax into its offering enabling FoIP and enterprise unified communications through PC, mobile and cloud environments.

With Robust fax routing and delivery engines, Weblive Facsys automates the flow of fax messages to ensure secure, efficient delivery of fax information to email inboxes and network repositories. It also eliminates the need for manual fax machines, and the handling and storage of hardcopy faxes. With Weblive Facsys, users can transmit and receive faxes directly through desktop and enterprise applications, a desktop client, browser interface or email client software.

We Lead the Fax Server Industry through Innovation

All our solutions have one thing in common. Continuous innovation to bring the best to our valuable customers. The latest features set added to the Weblive Facsys solution in 2014 includes;

    •  Multi server management for smoother administration
    •  Integrated Presence client to enable quick fax and collaboration
    •  Enhanced Voice PBX with Multi Tenancy for large Enterprise
    •  Send Quick Fax Feature in Presence for faster communication
    •  In built Softphone to have your team available when needed
    •  Enhanced & Powerful Audit Trail to enhance Compliance
    •  Many other Reporting & UI Enhancements

Best SIP Fax Weblive Facsys “The Worlds Best SIP Fax”

We offer the best SIP based FoIP in the industry. This is evident from our customer base and our trusted partnerships within the industry.

    •  With seamless T.38 Faxing, that is not only available anywhere but also
        offers encryption, Solgenia Weblive Facsys offers a solution that offers
        Triple DES encryption for secure fax traffic over IP.
    •  Easy to configure, our solution can be deployed over minutes with low
        amount of customization and configuration.
    •  Able to fully integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, we work with
        99.99% of hardware installed at your premise and through our
        recommended hardware are able to offer you true enterprise class fax
        server solution.
    •  With Fax Over IP through SIP, our solution is the Best in Breed solution or
        an internet based Fax solution.

Through our Trusted partners who specialize in SIP telephony, such as babyTel,
we are able to offer
    •  Wide fax DID coverage area in North America, Europe and Rest of the worldt
    •  Coast-to-coast SIP coverage in North America with over 8,000 rate centers

Real-time T.38 Encryption Your Data is Secure with Real Time T.38 Encryption.

Real-time T.38 technology guarantees that your fax image stream is never stored. Fax images go directly you’re your office to its destination, ensuring the privacy of your documents and eliminating the possibility of a trespasser viewing or even altering your document.

While transmitting faxes in real-time dramatically improves security it does not guarantee it alone. As a secondary precaution we offer the most secure T.38 line, with babyTEL’s CryptAgent (BCA) provides Triple-DES encryption.

Real-time T.38 benefits includes:
    •  Real Time T.38 Service with No Storage & No Intermediary
    •  HIPAA & SOX Compliant Enterprise Faxing
    •  Eliminate or reduce hardware requirements
    •  Secure triple encryption

FACSYS MODULE FOR WEBLIVE UC An integral part of a complete Unified Communications solution

Weblive Facsys is available as a module for our popular Weblive Unified Communications (UC) solution. Available as a Service via the Cloud or as an on-premise solution, Weblive UC provides advanced communication and collaboration tools that radically enhance information sharing across your enterprise. Because of its modular platform, users can add features as needed - whether it's Voice, Chat, Meeting or Fax.
By consolidating video, voice, fax and mobile communications into a single application, Weblive UC helps to reduce travel costs and miscommunications while enhancing productivity for the user and the organization as a whole.

Weblive Facsys is available in three convenient configurations. Depending upon what your organization needs, you can choose between a different configurations suited for smaller installations to more feature loaded Enterprise version offering advanced features such as load balancing & more!

The Standard Configuration offers simplicity in deployment and use. This is a complete and cost effective Fax Server option for small professional organizations.

With a more robust Fax routing functionality, the Professional Configuration has extended functionality and increased scalability for a more demanding work environment.

The Enterprise configuration offers a high-performance, scalable, fax routing server with comprehensive connectivity to third-party products, robust load-balancing and active failover to ensure high availability.