#TECHMornings brings TED Style Industry Talks to Toronto


One of the biggest challenges of any industry today is the inability to engage the right audiences. This stands true at every level of business whether it is sales, marketing, operations, innovatio or others. Engagement is a highly valued commodity and everyone needs more. As change creators and disruptors, we are taking a big step and creating one of the most needed type of highly engaging events in Toronto. Solgenia TECHMornings is all about the industry and what is making waves. Its also about innovation, direction and the thoughts that are driving the industry. Ever #TECHMornings event focuses on a single industry. The first event on November 16th focuses on HealthTech.

Leading organizations such as Dynacare, TELUS Health, KPMG. Memotext, Equinix, Carrot Insights and CompTIA will bring together a stellar crow of speakers who not only know where the industry is heading but are actually the people creating the change. Here is what everyone’s talk will showcase.
  • Dave Wattling: A National Telco, A Public Healthcare System, Innovation – What do they have in common?
  • Andreas Souvaliotis: Harnessing the Power of Smartphones and Rewards to Build a Healthier Nation
  • Daniela Crivianu-Gaita: Digital Transformation – Buzzword or Reality?
  • Alano Medonte: Digital Transformation in Healthcare
  • Aaron Berk: The Future of Virtual Healthcare
  • Amos Adler: Action The Data – Creating Adaptive Engagement and the Power of Personalization
  • Jim Hamilton: Key Trends Shaping the Canadian IT

#TECHMornings is guaranteed to be a high quality event that showcases the best of the best in the industry. If you are in luck, a few seats may still be available for you to register and take this opportunity. Stay tuned for more details or Register Here.

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Business analytics pain

The Small Business Analytics Problem is Painful

The Small Business Manager is Challenged with Too many Business Intelligence choices. How does one makes sense ?

There are more than 50 mainstream business intelligence/analytics platforms available today that can help solve many different problems. Analytics, one of the highest priority items for any informed organization today, consist of features an functionalities that help work with data. Read More →

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broken heart lollipop

Is the Managed Service Provider (MSP) Business Outdated ?

Over the last few weeks I was fortunate to meet a large number of Managed Service providers (MSP’s) at two separate industry events in Toronto. At both these events, focused at MSP’s, and through all my conversations, one thing that resonated throughout was the dire state in which Managed Service providers are currently conducting business. I am sharing my thoughts to help make sense of what the industry is going through and how the inability to adapt can lead to the slow death of an otherwise highly successful industry. Read More →

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To Legacy with Love_Cover

To Legacy with Love – Saying the Final Farewell in the Cloud is Never Easy !


Cloud computing can get confusing sometimes. For IT professionals who have been part of technology for the last years sometimes new terminology is just a way to redefine things that were done in the past. “We’ve done that since 1995”, or “We used to do that in the 80’s”, is not an uncommon response that we sometimes hear when we speak about new things. Cloud computing is one such area that has its roots in the 1970’s when the Remote Job Entry system did somewhat of what todays Cloud computing technology does, but at a very small, miniature scale. Today I wanted to simplify Cloud Computing the example of a legacy technology that we have come across at some stage or the other. It’s an older legacy technology that actually may have paved way for the technology revolution today. Read More →

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Is Your Business using Spreadsheets to Manage the Most Critical Aspect of Business ?

Would you use your Car to Plow a Field ?

Ask anyone who is working with data. What is your biggest challenge? the answer most of the times is “the inability to use our data fully”. This and similar statements signify one common thread of pain that is affecting almost every other business serious about growth, want to leverage their data, but for some reason are unable to . With data growing at 44% over the next 10 years, it goes without saying that your business is going to be inundated with data from all sides. With “Making profit” on the minds of over 35% SMB survey respondents, it goes without saying that the challenge is multi-fold with being able to sustain business and ensure profitability being prime. Read More →

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Bootlegging, Piracy & Document Management Have Things in Common

Bootlegging, Piracy & Document Management Have Things in Common

No seriously, I mean it. There are serious correlations and similarities between Smuggling alcohol, Piracy in any form, whether it is the real life bad guys on ghost ships in the seas or digital pirates who download stuff off the internet thinking it’s all free stuff while some artist starves to death, or for that matter an enterprise user. Quite specifically a certain type of enterprise user. Read More →

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2016 – The Year of Technology Granularity!

A recent business conversation led to the establishment of the fact that the Data Center business is becoming much cut-throat than ever. Incidentally there was also recently a well covered article posted in the Globe & Mail that provided an overview of challenges the current Canadian Telcom and Datacentre industry is facing. Price wars, advanced offerings, upsells and what not are the usual tactics that have been used, but now competing forces are pressuring Data Center providers to go beyond the usual and utilize something new. Data Center businesses are now relying more and more on leveraging strategic footprints. Global presence and larger capabilities to educate and work with customers at a local level. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 3 million data centers. With data center services more abundant than grocery stores how will the model sustain itself and what will determine the winners from the losers? My answer to that new is Granularity! Read More →

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3 Simple Steps to Really Succeed in 2016

If you were too busy with things to not give the desired attention to planning the right steps for your business in 2016, fear not. You’re not alone, and yes welcome to the Party! With too many things ongoing, I could completely believe if you said you don’t have time to breathe. Read More →

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See us in the 2015 Toronto Small Business Forum Video

We took part in the 2015 Toronto Small Business Forum and interacted with hundreds of small businesses in the City. Check out the video coverage and our Director of Innovation, Ian Khan providing some sound bytes.

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Unlearn These Three Technology Concepts in Order to Succeed

Unlearning is hard to do. Let me explain. Here is what I need you to do. Do whatever you’re doing, but DO NOT think about Pink Flying Horses. You will now find that the thought of Pink Flying Horses cannot escape your mind and no matter what you do, you just cannot stop thinking of Pink Flying Horses. Similar to this idea, asking you to not think about something is just going to make it more impossible. However for the sake of moving forward, we do need to take a step back from what we know and really, I mean really UNLEARN a few key things about some key technology areas.

Read More →

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Internet of Things

What is IoT, Why it Matters & What You Should Do about It !

A friend of mine recently asked me to explain what IoT really stood for, not what the definition meant, and help understand the implications it is expected to bring. Just to help everyone else who has the same questions, here is a concise explanation of everything you need to know about the Internet of Things (IoT) and related technologies. Read More →

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The 3 Hidden but Real Disadvantages of Private Cloud


I will be completely sympathetic and will 100% understand if you say that all you have heard about private Cloud until now is good and no matter what happens you will never see a disadvantage to it. I could not agree more. Private Cloud is excellent, a great framework but just like a vacation to Hawaii, it has its goods and bad. All said and done, here is some food for thought that looks at Private Cloud from a different angle. I see these as disadvantages from a certain perspective and while I hold ground for the Public Cloud, I am not in any way discounting any of these frameworks. Here we go; Read More →

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Destroy Organization

How to Destroy an Organization in Three Ways with Nothing but Free Apps

How Popular apps with a dark side may open the doors of destruction for your organization before you have had a chance to even grab your morning coffee.

I did not want to be so dramatic, but I could not help but be completely honest as well. The end possibility is that your entire organization may suffer the fate of Sony Pictures, target, Anthem and others who have been shaken by hacks and vulnerabilities in their networks. In some cases it has been analyzed that hackers sat in for months stealing data, until they chose to tell everyone about their presence. That’s probably one of the reasons that websites like WikiLeaks are constantly able to churn our documents after document that is exposing one thing or the other. Read More →

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The Cloud on YOUR terms

Living the spirit of being free, having the freedom to choose and leading the way, join our vision to be part of a massive change through Cloud computing technologies. Use cloud computing solutions that take your business a leap ahead and transform your organization by being bold, being free and being a visionary.

More than anything else, the Cloud offers flexibility and power and the ability to do things as you like to. Its the Cloud – on your terms! 



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Podcast – Cloud Solutions Power Businesses

Ian Khan, Director of Innovation & Marketing at Solgeniakhela, discusses the monetization of the Cloud and new technology with Don Witt of Telecom Reseller. Without being able to charge for the service and features, WebRTC and IoT technologies would not be expanding and developing as rapidly as they are today.

Listen to the Podcast Here 


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Solgenia Leads the Cloud Industry

3 Invaluable Lessons from Cloud Expo

Just over a week ago I reviewed a great response for a presentation that I delivered at this year’s Cloud Expo in Santa Clara. I was extremely pleased with the turnout and had some very good conversations with many of the attendees. Over the next few days I had many more meaningful conversations, which not only made me happy with the results, but I learned few new things as well. Here is everything I gleaned in those three days distilled into three short points. Read More →

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Three personas that drive our Big(or Any) Data Needs !

I am not a data scientist or an expert in knowing how to build candlestick charts from historical stock prices. I am however a data enthusiast and it fascinates me when I hear people talk about Big data, like they invented it. Sorry, no offence meant, but really how did we just jump t big data without even creating an understanding about any kind of data? Read More →

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Join us at Cloud Expo & Learn what is Driving the Cloud Industry

We are at the upcoming Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara, November 3-5, 2015. This year our presence at Cloud Expo is very exciting as we have recently had a brand change and are now known as Solgeniakhela.

At Cloud Expo this year we will continue to showcase our core cloud technologies that are delivering a new frontier in a Cloud powered world. Join us at Cloud Expo and learn something new. Learn how to transform your business with solutions that connect us together. Here is a quick summary of our sessions. Read More →

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