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    Solgenia’s Weblive Facsys brings to you the ultimate Unified Communications suite with the best of both worlds. Weblive Facsys combines the power of Weblive with Video, Voice & Collaboration and Facsys, offering Fax Over IP. Weblive Facsys brings you the ultimate experience in enterprise Unified Communications through PC, Mobile and Cloud environments.

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    We have once again led the Cloud technology arena by launching the Worlds First Public Cloud offering that provides Enterprise File Sync and Share(EFSS), Business Analytics (BI) & Unified Communications(UC) applications, among others, all hosted on a single platform and offered through a self serve, purely consumption based, Public Cloud offering. Try the Freemium at www.genialcloud.com

  • The use of technology to communicate, collaborate, and establish communities are pervasive in our personal life. However, the technology we use in our business life miss the easy and simple user experience. Due policies, security and privacy make it difficult to share and collaborate, creating a gap in our digital experience. Our vision is to help businesses and people bridge this gap through our social, mobile and cloud enabled solutions.

  • We instill the use of social, mobile and cloud elements to offer solutions that increase communication, collaboration and access, and to empower people productivity. Our solutions provide a new experience to discover the analysis of data, synching and sharing of information and documents, and the creation of an online presence for people. The cloud elements in our infrastructure solutions provide a new experience for ubiquity and access to business processes, information and teams.

  • The Internet and the Web are clearly a new way that changes how we live, communicate, collaborate, and establish communities. Thanks to “Social, Mobile, Cloud” and “Internet of Things”, every day our company creates and invents a new experience for businesses. Whether they want to get the most from social opportunities, place awareness in the mobile generation or are looking to build new products for their customers with the next generation of intelligent things.